CAD Drawing & Naval Architecture


Rhino and Solidworks CAD software allow accurate engineering and build drawings for our boats. 

Silverback offers complete design | build for a range of boats & refit projects!

CNC Cutting

CNC Router, laser waterjet cutting

The 120" x 480" capacity CNC router enables not only accurate cuts, but parts marking to identify each component and part number, significantly saving time and money on custom builds.

We also use laser and waterjet for certain material types.

Break Press Forming

CNC Break Press 20'

Wherever possible, we fold and form sheet aluminum if it can eliminate a weld. This increases strength and sightliness on the finished product.

"Stack O' Dimes" Welding

Aluminum welding Seattle

We don't hide our welds, we fly them like a flag. We use pulsed GMAW / MIG welding, and TIG welding. 

Our welders are all certified for applicable standards in marine welding.

Marine Powder Coating

Marine powder coating sandblasting Seattle WA

Our in-house powder coating and sandblasting setup can handle hulls up to 26' x 8.5'x8.5'

Powder coating has been proven to significantly outlast Zolatone and other traditional  liquid paints.

Finishing & Testing

Boat builder seattle wa

We believe in real world proof of our hydrodynamic calculations. 


The short version of why we are unique.


Backbone structure and pretty welds.

CORE VALUE 1: "We are the builders of the BOATS WITH BACKBONE."

A 1/4" thick bottom means absolutely nothing other than wasted weight if it isn't braced properly. Frequent longitudinal and lateral stringers, perfectly positioned for ultimate impact distribution and twist elimination keep our warranty claims for cracked welds at an all-time zero. 


We use CNC Equipment and CAD to reduce human error.

CORE VALUE 2: "The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

Before metal fabrication starts, every component is thoughtfully drafted in CAD to ensure perfect accuracy and engineering. Parts are cut on computerized equipment to ensure greater than 1/1000th accuracy. 


We focus on building epic hulls, nothing else.

CORE VALUE #3: "Don't be all things to all people, thru laser-sharp focus on the hydrodynamics and excellent craftsmanship of aluminum hulls."

Our intense focus on the CAD, engineering, and the metal fabrication of the hulls only creates a trifecta of benefits to the consumer:

 1. Reduced cost. Your local outboard shop can get you a better price on the motor, and installation, than the boat builders.

2. Better service and warranty: Authorized outboard motor shops for brands like Evinrude and Yamaha have techicians that receive special training on outboards. In the event of an issue, its better to have a relationship with your local service center- if you buy thru them, you get better support.

3. You can rig specific to your needs. Instead of buying a boat that someone else chose the brand of outboard for, now you can choose your own brand, your own electronics, and more. Want a Yamaha main with a Mercury trolling motor? How about a Garmin GPS but a Lowrance sonar? You have the freedom to suit your needs when you are in control of the rigging. 

 Our hulls are delivered with floors and powder coated finish (or bare aluminum if you wish), ready for you to rig as boat of your dreams!